Success Stories

We have so many stories of children who have been treated at the Child Study Center and are now leading happy and well-adjusted lives. Here you will see what our patients and their parents have to say about the treatment they or their children received from our team of mental health professionals. We also invite you to visit our multimedia center to view videos about the experiences of the children we have worked with.


The treatments, medication management, and doctors at the NYU Child Study Center have worked wonders for our daughter, who was diagnosed at age 3 with ADHD. Since we discovered the Center a year ago, she has become a different little person. It is evident to us every minute of every day that our daughter is on the right track. The Child Study Center has been a blessing to our family...

-K.A. and T.A., Warwick, NY

The NYU Child Study Center was able to diagnose my son with neurological and developmental disorders during our first visit. Prior to visiting the NYU Child Study Center, we had consulted with four pediatric neurosurgeons, none of which were able to provide us with the support that we needed...The Child Study Center is a special place!

-N.D. and M.D., Sagaponak, NY

Our son Jeremy was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in the second grade, and we spent many heart-wrenching years trying to get our arms around his issues. Jeremy's teachers could not understand his "bad behavior," as he was and is an articulate and intelligent boy with a wide array of interests. Jeremy has been working with the NYU Child Study Center over the past two years. The expertise, professionalism, understanding, and advocacy have been incredibly helpful for Jeremy. The gift that the Center can offer families in terms of support and assistance is immeasurable.

-S.S. and O.S., New York, NY

First, I want to make it clear that I am just a regular kid. For many years my teachers labeled me as the "troublemaker" or the "hyper" one, but what they never realized was that I was doing my best to be normal and to meet the expectations that were set. Two years ago I made my first trip to the Child Study Center, and for the first time my daydreaming was seen as creativity, and my uniqueness my blessing. I am glad to know that this organization may be able to reach more people like me. Just because we are dealt a different hand doesn't mean we are not winners.

-J.S., New York, NY

After searching long and hard for the right medical care for our son who has Tourette's Syndrome, we were very fortunate to have found the NYU Child Study Center. For the past four-and-a-half years, our son, Gabriel, has received such comprehensive and compassionate care that it is no exaggeration to say that the NYU Child Study Center has changed his life and ours as a family. We wish all kids with Tourette's could have the same level of care.

-R.S. and S.V., Hastings on Hudson, NY