Summer vacation traditionally means relaxing of rules, carefree days, new experiences, and less structure and routine. However, there is still a lot to be learned from going to camp, traveling, riding bikes, playing ball, swimming, or just hanging out with friends. And there's time for reading for pleasure—novels, biographies, mysteries—all of which keep learning alive. Below are some great summer articles on making the most of summer.

Helping Kids Make the Most of Summer Freedom
This article looks at challenges kids of all ages face during the summer months and how parents can make sure their child's summer experience is fun, rewarding, safe, and healthy.

Summer Learning
This piece identifies ways to keep children socially and academically engaged throughout the summer.

Summer School for Social Skills
This article provides tips for helping children with ADHD improve their social skills.

Traveling with Children
Learn how to keep your whole family happy while on vacation trips this summer.

Boyfriends, Girlfriends: What Parents Need to Know about Teenage Dating
This article looks at dating at different ages; dating dangers, including the risks of abuse and violence via cell phones or the Internet; and how parents can promote healthy relationships.

Sports and Kids: Pathway to Healthy Development or to Unhealthy Competition?
As summer heats up, keep kids cool while playing sports.

Sleepovers and Sleep-Away Camp (PDF)
This Parent Letter provides parents with practical tips for helping children deal with anxiety over being away from home.

Help for Homesick Campers
Homesickness can overshadow the joys of a child's summer camp experience, but support from camp counselors and parents can help children cope with this problem. This article offers tips for parents when dealing with a homesick child.

The Internet at Home
Tips for parents to help keep kids safe when surfing the web.

For children with special needs:

Sleepaway Camp for Kids on Medication
Going to sleep-away camp is a great way for children to make new friends, gain confidence and become more self-reliant. Yet for parents of children with physical or mental health problems, the process of choosing a camp is complex and anxiety-provoking. With proper research and planning, however, both kids and parents can enjoy the sleep- away camp experience with a minimum of stress.

Summer Plans for Children with ADHD
NYU Child Study Center's Summer Program for Kids is a fun, eight-week, all-day therapeutic summer program for kids with ADHD, based on research effectiveness.