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Learning Difference or Learning Disability?

Learning Difference or Learning Disability

The Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CCLD) defines LD as "a neurobiological disorder in which a person's brain works or is structured differently." A wealth of information about what parents need to know about learning differences and learning disabilities can be found in the following articles which deal with topics such as recognizing the common signs of learning disabilities, developmental issues, evaluation procedures, remediation strategies, brain functions, knowledge of options, obtaining appropriate school services and more.

The Development of Writing Abilities in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (PDF)
This issue of the CSC Letter discusses the components of the basic skills underlying writing, the demands of producing the well-formulated written essays expected in middle and high school, and the special challenges facing students with ADHD. Examples of helpful approaches are provided.

Specialists in the Classroom: The Give and Take (PDF) —Finding appropriate help early for children who are having trouble in school is critical in ensuring the child does not become discouraged and fall behind. This issue of the CSC Letter examines how Learning Specialists and Speech/Language Pathologists function and the ways in which they interact with teachers and other specialists as a team to help each child be successful.

Learning Disorders and Brain Organization (PDF) — This issue of the CSC Letter describes the symptoms associated with learning problems, what a neuropsychological learning evaluation can tell you, and how this diagnostic information is used to construct a profile of a child's learning style and academic functioning, as well as providing classroom recommendations.

Language Abilities and the Impact of Language Difficulties (PDF) — This Parent Letter describes the basic building blocks of language; how language abilities influence a child's performance in reading, writing, and math; how to help children with language-based learning disabilities; and the emotional impact of having a language difficulties or learning disorders.

Learning Disability or Learning Difference? (PDF) — This issue of the Parent Letter outlines what researchers know about how children learn and explains the terms learning disability and developmental concerns. It also provides parents with guidance about when to seek professional help.