The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project (TBP) is a four-week family support and education program developed at The Child Study Center emphasizing the first things that families need to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder. TBP uniquely addresses both immediate strategies for families to work with their children and basics of advocacy education about navigating NYC/NYS services. TBP is conducted in a small, interactive, collaborative group format capped at four families, who are invited to bring any adult family members and supports (e.g. grandparent, daycare provider).

The curriculum is designed as follows:
Week 1: ABCs of ASD; Connecting your child with the right services
Week 2: Immediate strategies to help your child; Advocating for your child in the school system
Week 3: Practice strategies with your child and receive feedback
Week 4: Incorporating strategies into your daily life; Navigating NYC/NYS resources