Many children, adolescents, and young adults have a desire to have friends and behave in more socially typical ways but lack the prerequisite skills. Poorly developed social skills arise from the interaction between underlying learning differences and years of lack of opportunity. Children who are considered different by others can be neglected, rejected, or targeted.

Research tells us that a critical element of successful social skills training is the provision of true interactive experiences. These experiences make social concepts concrete and promote generalization to real world experiences. Children with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication, ADHD, and other challenges can benefit from our fun, friendly, and collaborative Social Learning Groups.

These groups incorporate research-based practices including mindfulness, social cognition and age-appropriate sociosexual education into traditional social skills groups. The older adolescent and young adult groups are guided by an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework for navigating life transitions. All groups are individualized to participants’ strengths and needs.

The CSC is proud to be the first program in the New York City metro area to offer PEERS, an evidence-based social skills program focusing on friendships. PEERS can be implemented for children, adolescents and young adults at the clinic or at your school site.

We offer two specialized programs designed for college students with social challenges.

FLEX is a one-week intensive focusing on social and daily living skills for students prior to attending college in New York City.  Participants practice skills in the city while making peer connections and learning about resources.

Project InterACT is a specialized program for college students with social challenges. The program is based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an approach that emphasizes identifying values and choosing directions in life that are aligned with values. New York City college students participate in a one-week summer intensive focusing on social and daily living skills. Participants practice skills with peer social coaches while making peer connections and learning about life in the city. Subsequently, they are paired with peer mentors who meet with them individually and in mentor-mentee groups throughout the academic year.
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