For over twenty years, the Family Studies Program has provided family therapy treatment, training and research for the New York University Medical Center community. Under the founding directorship of Linda Carter, Ph.D. and the supervision of the most distinguished medical center-based family faculty in the New York metropolitan area, the program has served hundreds of families with a wide variety of presenting problems.

Services include:

  • Family and Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy Training for psychology interns, psychiatry residents, child and adolescent psychiatry fellows and clinical social workers
  • Education/Outreach through courses, seminars and workshops for professional and community groups

Our Clinical Services:

Family Therapy

The emotional and behavioral problems of one family member affect all family members. Family therapy is an efficient form of treatment that utilizes the strengths and problem-solving abilities of the couple or whole family.  Family therapy:

  • Addresses a wide range of problems including parent-child discord and the emotional and behavioral difficulties of children at home and at school
  • Is a relational approach that focuses on improving communication and connection among family members
  • Is a collaborative approach that utilizes the inherent strengths and resources of all family members towards solving problems and improving relationships
  • Is a practical approach that provides skills and tools that parents will practice in session and use with their children at home
  • Provides a non-blaming, supportive context for family members to work together

Because changes in any part of the family can positively influence the family as a whole, the improvements can be dramatic and long-lasting.

Couples Therapy

Communication problems and conflict can seriously threaten a relationship. Research shows that couples who develop the ability to have constructive dialogue report higher levels of relationship satisfaction. Couples therapy is an active, results-oriented, and often brief treatment that addresses:

  • Destructive communication patterns that can lead to separation and divorce
  • Premarital issues, including relationships with one's own and one's partner's extended family
  • The fallout from infidelity - rebuilding trust and commitment
  • Sexual problems
  • Infertility, adoption, and late-life pregnancy
  • Painful life events such as illness and loss
  • Cross-cultural and interfaith issues
  • Issues specific to gay and lesbian couples
  • Remarriage: forming a couple after the painful experience of divorce or widowhood

Training in Family/Couples Therapy

The Family Studies Program provides an integrative, interdisciplinary approach to training clinicians in family and couples therapy. Training is provided to Child & Adolescent Psychiatry fellows, General Psychiatry Residents, Psychology Interns and Post-doctoral fellows, and Social Workers. Trainees participate in teams led by two senior family therapy supervisors. Each team meets weekly and makes use of a one-way mirror format that allows for in-the-moment, live supervision of the therapy process. The training experience includes:

  • Grounding in current theories of family/couples therapy through seminars and lectures
  • Hands-on learning through live supervision and the team process
  • The opportunity to integrate family systems therapy and theory with other evidence-based forms of clinical practice.

Our Clinicians

Linda Carter, Ph.D., Director
Andrew Roffman, L.C.S.W., Clinical Director