The Parenting Institute is the one of the outreach and information outlets of the Child Study Center. The Parenting Institute is committed to the creation, presentation and evaluation of parent education materials and programs. The Parenting Institute intends to make parents more comfortable and more effective in raising healthy, happy and productive children. Our programs focus on typical child development as well as child development when it is affected by the presence of an emotional or behavioral disorder. The Institute is devoted to using current science in child development, family studies and mental health to guide its work.

Thriving Teens: Parenting for Positive Growth is an educational program designed to teach parents skills important to fostering a warm, supportive family environment. The program's objective is to improve child-rearing practices in order to reduce use of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs by youth. If you are interested in participating in an evaluation of the program content of Thriving Teens, please contact Dr. Richard Gallagher at

The Parenting Institute has developed a national presence though its work with several child welfare campaigns and through the creation of a number of educational materials. In conjunction with the Women's Work program of the Liz Claiborne Foundation, Dr. Richard Gallagher created a booklet for parents, A Parent's Handbook: How to Talk to Your Children about Developing Healthy Relationships. The booklet has been adopted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for distribution. It was featured as an innovative intervention for working with teenagers to end relationship abuse at a conference from the New York City Commission to Combat Family Violence.

More Resources

The Parenting Institute has also created a number of educational
booklets in partnership with outside organizations, including: Facts and Tips for Parents: Supporting Your Teen, and Facts and Tips for Parents: Managing the Middle School Years (The Corporate Council for Out of School Time); The Parent Equation (Pfizer Pediatric Health); A Parent's Handbook: How To Talk To Your Children About Developing Healthy Relationships (Liz Claiborne Foundation); and Talk to Your Kids About Tough Issues: (Children Now).

For more information on the Parenting Institute, contact (212) 263-6622.