For many families, the first stop at the Child Study Center is a diagnostic psychiatric evaluation. Our unique family centered, collaborative approach is critical to understanding your child's difficulties, finding the right diagnosis and developing a tailored treatment plan based on the latest scientific information and your family's needs. The evaluation includes an assessment of your child's functioning in multiple areas including school, home and peer relationships. The process begins even before you visit our office. We ask that you complete forms and questionnaires that allow us to gather and organize information about your child and family along with information from previous assessments and from your child's school. Once you arrive, our clinician spends time with parents and child both together and separately to gather details and ask questions. The end results of our evaluations are clear answers and recommendations for the future.

You can help your child understand the evaluation process by letting him or her know about the appointment ahead of time, explaining what will happen, that we will be discussing how to help make life easier at school and in the home, and that one of the goals is to find ways to help not only the youngster but the whole family get through difficult times. Young children may have concerns about their first visit to the NYU Child Study Center and it is important that they understand the process and the reasons for it. Remember, the evaluation is the first step in a process that will ultimately provide the care needed to improve family life and the life of your child.

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