Intensive Treatments for Selective Mutism

The NYU Child Study Center has developed a unique set of intensive treatments for children with Selective Mutism consisting of a variety of treatments including Camp Courage, a week long group treatment, weekend booster programs, and intensive tailored individual treatments. Learn more about Selective Mutism here.

Camp Courage

Camp Courage is a 4-day intensive summer program to help children with selective mutism become more relaxed, particpate, and communicate in situations that are similar to school, play, and community settings they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

The program involves daily participation in simulated classroom settings, arts and crafts, play-date practice, sports and movement activities, and field trips. Through repeated practice and graduated exposure, children begin to conquer their fears so they can participate more fully in their daily lives. Clinicians will work one-on-one with children to facilitate relaxation and reward verbal communication. All clinicians are trained and supervised by Richard Gallagher, PhD, Lauren Knickerbocker, PhD., and Brittany Roslin, PhD.

Date: August 18th to 21st, 2014

Time: 10 AM to 3 PM

Who:4-9 year olds

Cost: $2,200 per camper for the 4-day program

Camp Courage is for children who have some experience with behavior therapy so they are more likely to benefit from group experiences in simulated classrooms, playdates, and activities with children and adults.

For more information, please contact the Intake Department at (646) 754-5000.

Concentrated Monthly Weekend Boosters

Based on our Camp Courage program, we run small group experiences one weekend day every month. These experiences provide each child with an individual therapist who will help them effectively relax and engage in verbal communication in the presence of the group. Methods to train relaxation, to reward the use of brave interactions and talk, and to help children improve their ability to communicate in a variety of settings are utilized.

Concentrated Treatment Programs for Visitors from Outside the NYC Region

Sometimes families are not able to find experienced therapists in their area. We offer individualized programs of multiple days for families who are able to visit the NYC area to help set the foundation for advances in communication when the child and family return to their home and school setting. The length of the concentrated program and its goals are set based upon an evaluation that is completed through phone interviews and the use of data collected from parents and teachers who know the child well.

Consultations to School Districts and Other Therapists

We also offer training workshops for therapists and school mental health professionals in which we discuss our intervention methods and other methods that have been reported in the clinical research literature. These workshops and consultations are tailored to meet the needs of therapists, single professionals in school districts, or entire teams of school-district professionals.

For more information please contact an intake coordinator at (646) 754-5000 or e-mail us at