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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Real Life Stories

Real Life Stories

Jake, 9 years old, is starting to avoid school. His teacher reports that he squirms around in his seat, stands up unexpectedly and seldom finishes his work. The kids sitting near him in class say he's always interrupting and shouting out the answers (generally wrong). His desk is in disarray; papers are on the floor and his work is disorganized. He's often not picked for soccer games and then tries to spoil the game for the others.

Sarah, 14, chooses to sit in the back of the classroom, and much of the time she's doodling in her notebook or staring out of the window. She seldom completes assignments and often forgets to bring the right books to class. Her desk is a mess and she usually can't find what she's looking for. Then she gets resentful and says that everybody picks on her.

Danny, 4, attends nursery school. He has an aide assigned specifically to help him comply with the routine of the group. He would prefer to roam around the room, picking up toys here and there but doesn't really get interested in any one activity. During story time he doesn't become involved in the story, but keeps repeating the same questions in a loud tone of voice. Danny's mother states that she avoids family gatherings and celebrations because he gets overly excited and then she can't control him.

Sarah, Danny and Jake have all been diagnosed as having ADHD, the most common of the childhood psychiatric disorders.