Real Life Stories

Brandon's teachers in the daycare center report that he is the "terrorist of the 4–year–olds". He punches or bites children and pushes them off the swings in the playground without provocation. He swings the class pet rabbit by the tail in spite of being told how it hurts the animal. His parents report that he has been difficult to manage since he was an infant.

Eleven-year-old Paul, known as The Prankster in his family, was suspended from school after leaving half-eaten candy bars in all the girls' lockers. He had previously been suspended for leaving poison pills for the frogs in the biology class lab.

Robin, 16: "When I was 13, that summer was a blast. One time we picked up some older guys in a bar and tried a new kind of speed. We got really wild and we smashed in some car windows and somebody called the police. My mother freaked out and tried to punish me by locking me in my room, but I would just skip out on her through the window."