Real Life Stories

Jackson, aged 8, a bright, athletic, seemingly self-confident youngster, had many friends and many social invitations. Although he enjoyed attending school functions and parties, he refused invitations to sleep at a friend's house. Jackson wet his bed almost every night and tried desperately to keep it secret, but when the class went on an overnight trip, his classmates found out and teased him. "I tried to stay up all night so I wouldn't wet, but I couldn't, and then the pee soaked through my sleeping bag."

Rob, 6, had an erratic maturational pattern. Motor and speech milestones were attained slightly after the expected ages, and he fell behind academically. Consistent with his slow development in these areas, he also had difficulty in developing urine control; he wet his bed at night and sometimes wet his clothes in school. He would usually say he was too busy or too tired to go to the bathroom. Despite Rob's teacher's attempts to handle this privately, the other children found out and called him names. Rob's parents were confused about what to do; they didn't know if he was being willful, if there was an underlying physical condition, or they were being too tough on him.