Real Life Stories

Matthew is great at math, but can't seem to see the difference between words like girl and grill; was and saw. He has difficulty in connecting the sounds of letters to their symbols and can't divide words into syllables.

Jake is saving his money to buy Pokemon figures but hesitates to go into a store because he can't figure out how much change he should get. Multiplication tables are a mystery to him.

Rena is a talented storyteller but she can't write her ideas down. Her language is rich and varied when she speaks, but when she writes her sentences are short and her punctuation is unreliable.

Some kids do well in some subjects and poorly in others. Matthew, Jake and Rena have mistakenly been called lazy, or stupid, poorly motivated or slow learners. Kids who have intelligence that's average or above but have a deficit in a particular academic area may have a Learning Disorder.