Real Life Stories

Jake, a lively l0-year-old with an impish smile, was always "on-the-go" according to his parents. Even as a toddler, he had difficulty remaining interested in one toy or activity and would quickly move from one thing to another. This pattern persisted into his school years, and by 3rd grade his teachers complained about disorganized, incomplete assignments. His classmates complained that Jake was always making noises, like humming, whistling, grunting, which were disturbing to them. As his peers started to reject him, Jake's behavior became more oppositional; the frequency of his noises increased and he also started making facial grimaces and twisting his head and shoulders. His parents, who had tried different techniques to help improve Jake's behavior with limited success, sought professional help as the tics and the teasing by other children increased. A diagnosis of Tourette's Disorder, (TD), was made.