The Institute for Anxiety and Mood Disorders conducts treatment and diagnostic studies to gain a better understanding of these childhood difficulties.

Diagnostic Studies

Evaluation of Children with Temper Outbursts

We are conducting a study to better understand extreme temper outbursts in children ages 5 to 9 years. Families are provided with an evaluation and several treatment sessions. Compensation is given for time and travel. To learn more, contact Alice Dodds at (212) 263-2743. This study is funded by a grant from the Seevak Family Foundation to Dr. Rachel Klein.

Decision-Making Processes in Pediatric Anxiety Disorders

We are interested in understanding how children and adolescents ages (8- 17) manage uncertainty and make different types of decisions. Families receive an evaluation and a brief assessment of their child's cognitive functioning. Compensation for time is provided. To learn more, contact Kristin Gotimer at (212)263-0661. This study is funded by a federal grant to Dr. Amy Krain.