Welcome to the Trauma and Resilience Research Program

The Trauma and Resilience Research Program at the NYU Child Study Center is a national leader in the study and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among children, adults and families. Its mission is to develop effective intervention and prevention programs for those who are exposed to traumatic events and to understand the role of individual resiliency and community support in the process of recovery. The program also has strong partnerships with basic scientists in the translational study of the fear circuitry in the brain associated with PTSD and the effects of treatment on brain functioning and structure.

Visit the A-Z Disorder Guide for more information on PTSD and related disorders such as depression, phobias and other anxiety disorders.

Funding Sources
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
National Institutes of Mental Health

Research Collaborations

The Trauma and Resilience Research Program has strong partnerships with both basic scientists and researchers in academic settings such as the NYU School of Medicine as well as strong research and service ties to community organizations. These include:

NYU Center for Neural Science
NYU Department of Psychology
NYU Department of Psychiatry
Preventive Services in Child Welfare System
Tuesday’s Children
Veterans Administration Mental Health Services