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Research Partners

The NYU Child Study Center has created partnerships with three outstanding research facilities to further its mission to provide science-based treatments and prevention for children and teens with psychiatric and learning disorders.

Bellevue Hospital Center

Bellevue Hospital Center is America's oldest public hospital, the flagship of
NYC's Health and Hospital Corporation, and the largest teaching affiliate of
the NYU School of Medicine. It boasts one of the nation's largest arrays of
mental health programs, providing inpatient, outpatient, consultation-liaison
and emergency services to thousands of children and adolescents with
psychiatric disorders.

Historically, Bellevue has been a pioneer in training psychiatrists and integrating science into effective treatments. It continues that tradition as a primary site for training NYU Child Study Center child and adolescent psychiatry residents and child psychologists.

For more information, visit the Bellevue Hospital Center page on the New York City website.

Nathan Kline Institute

The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research (NKI) is one of only two New York State-funded research institutions and is internationally known for its pioneering contributions to psychiatric research.

The Child Study Center is integrating its superlative research programs with NKI's ongoing programs, which address such devastating disorders as schizophrenia, major mood disorders, Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Together, we will examine the epidemiology and treatment of some of the most severe psychiatric disorders over the entire human lifespan.

NKI researchers, some of whom are NYU faculty members, also provide outstanding research training to the next generation of child and adolescent psychiatrists in our psychiatry residency program.

For more information, visit NKI's website.

Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center

Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center (RCPC) is a psychiatric hospital, owned and operated by New York State's Office of Mental Health, serving children and adolescents. RCPC is located in Orangeburg, New York, 25 miles north of New York City. In addition to its inpatient facility, RCPC has a wide variety of outpatient services, including intensive day treatment, school based day treatment and clinic programs. An affiliate of NYU Langone Medical Center's Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, RCPC serves as a training site for NYU Child Psychiatry Fellows and is a venue for NYU Grand Rounds presentations on psychiatric topics of current interest. Further information on RCPC's programs and services may be obtained by calling (845) 680-4000.

For more information, visit the RCPC website.