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What is the TST Innovation Community?

The TST innovation community is a group of professionals within mental health and child welfare agencies across the U.S. who are implementing TST to various extents within their programs. This group includes administrators, clinicians, and direct care staff. Agencies represented include County level child welfare and mental health providers, as well as private agencies that contract with child welfare to provide foster care, residential treatment, community based prevention, mobile mental health, and community outpatient clinics.

What is “flexible fidelity”?

Embedded within the TST implementation procedures is an expectation of adherence to model fidelity, based on the ten core TST Principles. Certain basic concepts, tools and procedures must be adhered to in order for an agency to implement the model with minimal fidelity. The model developers, however, acknowledge that one size does not fit all, and that different types of programs, in different settings, serving different populations require individualized approaches, language, tools, etc. This is crucial in order to be able to sensitive to issues of culture, including ethnicity, region, gender, as well as agency culture, and the various types of programs and populations served.

Based on the concepts of "lead user innovation" (Von Hippel E. (2005), and "flexibility within fidelity" (Kendall, P.C., Gosch, E., Furr, J.M., Sood, E. (2008), the TST development team has created a unique and powerful process for improving and disseminating innovations to the model throughout the TST network. The model development team collaborates closely with each site implementing TST to help each program find the correct balance of fidelity and flexibility, and to adapt the model to meet the unique needs of the agency, the population, and the population served.

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